Can Creativity be Green? - Art with Sophie Mason

Author: Nicholas Yau

Published: 18th Mar 2020

Contemporary artist Sophie Mason has an unwavering passion for the environment that extends deep into her creative processes. As a leading figure in sustainable art practice, we caught up with her to hear more about her work.

Green Perspectives | The Spring Auction 2020

Author: Francesca Wilson, Curator

Published: 6th Mar 2020

Curated within The Spring Auction 2020, Curator Francesca Wilson brings together a select group of artists whose work reflects their thoughts on climate change.

Auction Estimates & Reserves

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 3rd Jan 2020

Want to know how auction estimates and reserves are decided? We explain what they are and the science behind them in this short article.

Talking Digital Art with Peter Moolan Feroze

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 29th Nov 2019

Peter Moolan Feroze was classically trained in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art, the Slade School of Art and The Royal Academy of Arts. Yet his creative techniques embrace the latest in digital technology. We caught up with him to hear more about his work.

Art for Home: Interior Styling tips from Kate Watson-Smyth

Author: Tom Best

Published: 29th Nov 2019

Top tips on interior styling from Kate Watson-Smyth, the journalist, author, podcaster and consultant behind the, multi-award-winning, interior styling blog Mad About the House.

History in the Making: Reflections on 2019

Author: Francesca Wilson, Auction Curator

Published: 16th Nov 2019

As part of our final auction of 2019, we asked a group of artists to create artworks in a response to the year we had. The results were fascinating.

The Crossover: Motley x The Auction Collective

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 5th Nov 2019

In October 2019, we joined forces with the anti-ordinary jewellery label Motley London to present an immersive art experience - The Crossover. This first-of-its-kind happening celebrated our shared passion for making beautiful objects part of the everyday for everyone. Here is a snapshot of the action as it happened...

Talking Surrealism and Symbolism with Rene Gonzalez

Author: Francesca Wilson

Published: 2nd Oct 2019

Rene Gonzalez is an award-winning artist and 2018 Fine Art graduate of City & Guilds of London Art School. His surreal painting 'Near an entrance, time presents itself' has been garnering much attention ahead of The Crossover auction. In this interview he tells us more about the surrealism and symbolism hidden within this beautiful work.

Gift Cards

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 30th Sep 2019

Congratulations - you've been given a Gift Card for The Auction Collective. Here you can find out how to use it.

Interior Goals | Part 3 - How to Buy?

Author: Nicholas Yau & Tom Best

Published: 28th Jun 2019

Tom Best, auctioneer and founder of The Auction Collective shares his advice on how to buy art at auction.

Interior Goals | Part 2 - What to Buy?

Author: Nicholas Yau & Marine Tanguy

Published: 19th Jun 2019

TED speaker, and founder of MTArt Agency, Marine Tanguy has publicly voiced why art is such a great investment. Here she shares her top tips on buying art.

Interior Goals | Part 1 - The Blank Wall

Author: Nicholas Yau & Alex Stedman

Published: 13th Jun 2019

Alex Stedman, The Frugality blogger, lifestyle stylist and expert in creating a beautiful home on a tight budget, shares her advice on how to approach that blank wall.

Five Minutes With...the Urban Artist, Endless

Author: Laura Pivetta, ArteMea Advisory

Published: 9th May 2019

British artist Endless describes the euphoria of using spray paint and discusses the future of urban art with Laura Pivetta, founder of ArteMea Advisory.

Open Your Eyes: Open Call for Artwork

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 29th Apr 2019

The Auction Collective are excited to announce their first open call for artists: Artwork submissions are welcomed for Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes, an exhibition and auction that celebrates the art behind the music industry.

The Best Art Vinyl: How to Enter

Author: Art Vinyl

Published: 29th Apr 2019

The Best Art Vinyl Award is presented to the best record cover design of the year. 2019, sees the award partner with The Auction Collective's Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes auction. Here are the details on how to enter...

Talking Calligraphy and Silk Mounting with Mila Morton

Author: Francesca Wilson

Published: 17th Mar 2019

Through skills learnt and developed in Hong Kong, Mila Morton's painting technique combines historic Chinese and Japanese calligraphy with contemporary painting. Her secretive process involves sending her artwork across the world to be traditionally silk-mounted. We got a glimpse of this process in our interview with her here.

Putting Paintings in Hospitals

Author: Tom Best

Published: 17th Mar 2019

Art helps you live longer, better lives. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression, supports staff, and improves mental health and wellbeing. On their 60th anniversary, Paintings In Hospitals, an organisation that is transforming the UK's health by using world-class art, tells us more.

Mark Hix Gives Advice on Collecting Art

Author: Tom Best

Published: 9th Mar 2019

The award-winning chef and restaurateur, Mark Hix, has had a life-long passion for art and supporting emerging artists. The Auction Collective founder, Tom Best caught up with Mark to hear more.

Talking Iconic Figures with Almudena Romero

Author: Francesca Wilson

Published: 8th Mar 2019

'Growing Concerns' by Almudena Romero, is a fascinating photographic series of iconic figures printed on plant leaves from former British colonies. Understandably, the exhibition of the series garnered a huge amount of attention at Photofusion in Brixton, RAW Labs and Amsterdam’s Unseen Photography Fair. We speak to Almudena to find out more.

Buy Art Now

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 26th Feb 2019

In addition to helping artists sell their work at auction, we help collectors buy and commission works of art from them throughout the year.

Talking Fashion and Art with Sister Jane

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 13th Dec 2018

Sister Jane is a London-based womenswear label. They create beautiful vintage-inspired designs that combine a high-end fashion look and feel with accessible prices. We are delighted that they are supporting the Abstract: Reality auction and so caught up with them to hear more about the love of fashion and art.

The Spring Auction: Press Release

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 1st Dec 2018

The Auction Collective is thrilled to announce The Spring Auction, a group exhibition and auction of 100 artworks handpicked from a variety of exciting emerging and under-represented artists.

Talking Innovative Sculpture with Rayvenn D'Clark

Author: Francesca Wilson, The Auction Collective

Published: 29th Nov 2018

Rayvenn d'Clark recasts traditional sculpture using new technologies such as VFX and 3D printing. Ahead of Abstract: Reality, we caught up with Rayvenn to discuss how technology drives creativity and innovation and to hear more about the subjects that push her work forward.

Talking Images in Pattern with Debbie Lawson

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 1st Nov 2018

Debbie Lawson has always been obsessed with ‘finding’ images in pattern, whether it’s in a wood grain, a carpet or a roll of Lino. Her textile sculptures explore this idea further and bring to life Persian carpets through a variety of creatures. In this interview, she shares the history of these works, her success at the RA Summer Exhibition and what she is planning next.

In the Studio with Ceramicist Luke Eastop

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 27th Oct 2018

Luke Eastop is a fine art ceramicist who lives and works in Margate. He creates beautiful minimalist porcelain artwork. Luke opened the doors of his studio to us so that we could learn more about his artwork, film him in action and hear how his grandfather’s ceramics influence his creativity.

Talking Urban Art with Benjamin Phillips

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 20th Oct 2018

Benjamin Phillips is an artist that uses contemporary street posters and flyers to create a collage snapshot, or 'time capsule', of today's society. He told us more about his approach to his work and what impact the digitisation of advertising could have on tomorrow's art.

Talking Free-Embroidery with Tina Crawford

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 14th Oct 2018

Tina Crawford is a fine art 'free-embroiderer' who uses her sewing machine to create unique and intricate representations of life around us. We made a visit to her studio to hear more about her artistic practice and just what led her to create the politically charged 'Bird Crap'...

Talking Art and Science with Eleonora Sher

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 13th Oct 2018

During her time at Central Saint Martins, Eleonora Sher developed an incredible technique for screen-printing photographs onto yarn. The results are beautiful and we are lucky enough to have three of her works in the PAPER | SCISSORS | STONE auction. Ahead of this, we interviewed Eleonora to find out more about her creative process and what the prestigious art school meant to her.

Talking Charcoal and Coastal Walks with Paul West

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 7th Sep 2018

Born in Dorset, and now a frequent visitor to Northumberland, Paul West is an artist whose heart has never strayed too far from the sea. We caught up with him ahead of the Sea-Fever auction to hear how the coastline inspires his art.

In The Studio With Miranda Pissarides

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 27th Aug 2018

In the run up to the Sea-Fever auction, we headed over to Miranda Pissarides' studio to learn about her innovative painting technique and to film her flame throwing in action...

Talking Art School With J Seo

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 26th Aug 2018

We caught up with J Seo, a 2018 Fine Art Graduate from Goldsmiths, to hear more about her time at the prestigious art school and the story behind the works in her Final Year Show, two of which are in the Sea-Fever auction.

Sea-Fever: Making A Night Of It

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 26th Aug 2018

Banish those end of summer blues by making a night out of the Sea-Fever auction. We have brought together a variety of exciting partners for this event to give you discounts on food, drinks, ice cream and more!

Talking Art and Sea with Alice Sheridan

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 26th Aug 2018

We caught up for a chat with the abstract landscape artist, and Sea-Fever contributor, Alice Sheridan. She gave us an insight into her painting process and told us of a secret beach in Devon that is perfect for wild swimming...

Sea-Fever: The Partners

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 24th Aug 2018

The Sea-Fever exhibition and auction wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of our auction partners. Thank you!

Sea-Fever: The Poem

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 13th Aug 2018

Taking the title of John Masefield's 'Sea-Fever' poem, we have curated an exhibition and auction of artwork inspired by the sea to celebrate the impact it continues to have on the artists of today. Here are the words behind that title...

The Art and Science of Landscape Architecture

Author: Urben

Published: 14th Feb 2018

Urben describes itself as an Urban Design & Planning consultancy. They have been a fantastic sponsor for 'Far From the Madding Crowd'. In this blog, they run with the auction theme and show how landscape architecture can be inspirational and a space for escapism.

Talking Art Investments with Church House

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 12th Feb 2018

The Auction Collective has been created to support artists and art buyers at the lower end of the market. We want to make it easy for anyone to have a piece of art in their life no matter who they are. But this wouldn’t be possible were not for our sponsors. As we prepare for the Far From the Madding Crowd auction, we caught up with Leanne Harvey from one of our wonderful sponsors, Church House Investment Management, to hear why she wanted to get involved and what she has her eye on in the auction.

Talking Monoprints with Matt Jukes

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 4th Feb 2018

Matt Jukes’ monoprints were initially created as an antidote to the hectic life of London. The Australian born artist uses these works to escape back to his halcyon days of youth in the sunny, stress-free environment down under. Above the Sky is a beautiful example of this work and there is already a buzz around it in anticipation of its auction as part of Far From the Madding Crowd on 15 February. But we convinced him to step away from printing for a moment and chat through his work.

Talking the Royal Academy and Being Present in the Moment with Nadia Attura

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 3rd Feb 2018

Nadia Attura has a Postgraduate degree in Photojournalism from The London College of Printing. She has an exquisite eye for detail in capturing beautiful moments in her travels around the world. We are very lucky to be offering two of her works, in our next auction Far from the Madding Crowd on 15 February. Nadia took time out of her busy London schedule to have a chat with The Auction Collective on all things escapism and art.

Talking Photographs with Open Doors

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 2nd Feb 2018

Open Doors is an incredible platform for beautiful contemporary photography. They helped The Auction Collective and Narcissus Arts find four works by Maria Lax and Alessandro Calvi for the Far From the Madding Crowd Auction on the 15th February. We caught up with the photographer and one of the founders of Open Doors, Tom Page, to see what contemporary photography is all about.

Talking Art Collecting with Narcissus Arts

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 1st Feb 2018

The Auction Collective are excited to be partnering up with Narcissus Arts by putting together Far From the Madding Crowd – the auction and exhibition of landscape art being sold on 15 February. Nacrissus Arts is an art consultancy that focusses on advising clients on buying artworks that are under £10,000. Ahead of the auction, we caught up with its founder, Nick Campbell, to talk about the forthcoming collaboration.

Bidding Increments

Author: The Auction Collective

Published: 31st Jan 2018

A detailed guide on how to avoid confusion with the numbers when buying at auction.