Five Minutes With...the Urban Artist, Endless

By Laura Pivetta, ArteMea Advisory

Published 9th May 2019

ArteMea Advisory is a London-based artist agency that represents creative talent from across the world. The agency supports the work of several inspiring individuals, including two artists in the Hyper-Colour-Pop-Culture auction: the Italian pop artist, Ernesto Romano (Lot 23) and British artist, Endless (Lot 4).

With his identity kept anonymous, Endless is an artist whose work can be found both in the high-end galleries of London’s art scene, and the inconspicuous corners of the capital’s urban landscape. He is an artist whose provocative thinking and approach continue to test the boundaries between street art, contemporary art and advertising. 

Ahead of the Hyper-Colour-Pop-Culture auction, ArteMea founder, Laura Pivetta caught up with Endless to hear more about his work.

Endless, thank you for taking the time away from your art to chat today. Firstly, can you describe your art in one sentence?

A reconstruction of the advertising and fashion culture that surrounds us with a sprinkling of humour and messaging to produce connectivity.

How did you get into street art?

I started showing my work on the streets about six years ago as a way to advertise my vision, I have never considered myself a street artist as such, more of an advertiser. I found that this way of showing my work gave me the ultimate freedom of expression. Prior to this I studied art for six years and developed my techniques and way of thinking.

Who are your inspirations? Both past and present.

I am inspired by the way people interact with the world around us. I have always found our interaction with celebrities, brands and advertising as a whole fascinating. I think this interaction is timeless and will continue to inspire my philosophy in the future.

For someone who has never picked up a spray can, can you describe the feeling of creating urban art?

I think creating any art can give you a euphoric feeling if you are connected to your ideas and see it through till the end. No matter what it may be… a sculpture, painting, drawing, it’s all the same. These are just ways for your vision to be realised. For me, this feeling never lasts long and I am already looking on to the next idea. 

What are you currently working on?

Many new canvas works for up and coming shows and some ideas for outside wall paintings, as well as some top secret projects of course. 

Where are your favourite places to create and what makes them so special?

Most of my creating gets done in my studio. If I am doing anything on the streets, that’s the very last aspect of the creation as most of the planning and art has been done beforehand, especially if it’s illegal. When showing art on the street, it is always good if the wall or the soundings look aesthetically interesting, so that the work can live in its environment. 

Which of your artworks are you most proud of?

I am always most proud of my next idea, I do not find it healthy to dwell on the past or what I have previously done, because it’s always what I am doing next that is most important.

What are the challenges you face as an urban artist?

If you mean specifically doing street art there are many, but doing art in general will throw up loads of challenges externally and mentally. Part of anyone’s success is finding a way you can adapt and overcome situations, as an artist you are always learning.

How do you see the practice of urban art developing in the future?

I think technology will play a part, this might be in the way the art is made, or of course how it is shared. Instagram has had the biggest impact in the art world in recent years, some good and some bad.

I have seen virtual reality and augmented reality playing a part in artwork as well. I think it is good that people are exploring different avenues of creating, but learning the basics will always be fundamental.

And finally, how can readers follow what you are up to?

You can see my latest work on Instagram at @endlessartist

Endless – thank you very much!

Endless is including his Lizzie Vuitton Blue in the Hyper-Colour-Pop-Culture auction on 16 May at Alon Zakaim Fine Art. The exhibition opens on 13 May and all works can be seen here