In the Studio with Ceramicist Luke Eastop

By The Auction Collective

Published 27th Oct 2018

The third interview in this series of Artist Interviews for the PAPER | SCISSORS | STONE auction, is with Luke Eastop a third-generation ceramicist living and working in Margate.

Luke is including two of his ceramic compositions in the auction: a nine piece porcelain installation and a stand alone porcelain bottle.

For this interview, we took a camera crew over to Luke's studio to hear how he creates this minimalist artwork and how his grandfather's pottery has influenced his work.

The two works by Luke Eastop in the auction on 8 November 2018 are:

Group III - the porcelain installation of nine bottles, vases and plates that is sold with five different arrangement suggestions from the artist. Estimate: £1,200-1,800

Dark Teal Bottle - the stand-alone porcelain bottle at £400-600.