Open Your Eyes: Open Call for Artwork

By The Auction Collective

Published 29th Apr 2019

The Auction Collective are excited to announce their first open call for artists: Artwork submissions are welcome for Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes, an exhibition and auction that celebrates the art behind the music industry.

50 artworks will be selected and exhibited at Lazinc from 9 - 16 January. At 7 pm on 16 January, these artworks will be publicly auctioned for music fans and art collectors to buy their favourite pieces. This is a selling opportunity for artists.


Who can submit artwork? 

Visual artists working with the music industry are invited to submit original artwork.

Artists and designers whose work has been used for album covers, live music and portrait photographers, stage designers and more, are all welcome to submit their artwork.

What type of artwork can be submitted? 

All fine art mediums are welcome including: paintings, sculptures, drawings, limited edition photographs and prints, and collages. All artwork must be in excellent condition. Open ended print editions will not be accepted. 

How do I submit my artwork? 

Email with: 

How can I stay updated about the auction?

Follow @theauctioncollective on Instagram and sign up to the mailing list here

What happens if my work is sold at the auction? 

The auction is a selling opportunity for artists. In order to cover the costs of the marketing and exhibition of the artworks, the sale proceeds will be split 58% to the artist and 42% (35% + VAT) to The Auction Collective. 

Does it cost anything to enter? 

For the artists, there are no costs to submit artwork and no costs for the auction. 

What are the 2019 deadlines? 

25 November:  Deadline for artwork submissions
29 November:  50 artworks selected 
20 December:  Auction web page live for viewing and bidding
9 - 16 January:  Exhibition of artwork 

16 January:  Auction - 7 pm  

What is the Best Art Vinyl award?

The Auction Collective are also partnering with Art Vinyl to exhibit the finalists for the Best Art Vinyl 2019 during the auction exhibition. It is the UK’s national award for best album artwork on vinyl release. 

Artists submitting original album artwork to the auction can also enter the Best Art Vinyl 2019 award. More details on how to enter are found here


For more information on the auction and the submission process contact: 

Francesca Wilson
Auction Curator

Tom Best 
Director & Auctioneer