The Auction Collective Services

In addition to running our affordable art auctions, we provide a range of art-related services throughout the year:

  1. Art Advisory - for buying artwork
  2. Art Commissions - for bespoke artworks
  3. Gift Cards - for seasoned collectors and first time buyers
  4. Auctioneering - for good causes

Art Advisory

The Auction Collective has been recognised in The Spears 500 as a Top Recommended Art Advisory Service.

In between our auctions, we help private and corporate clients with one-off art purchases and long-term collecting strategies. 

We can offer everything from hands-on experiences, with introductions to artists and studio visits, to discreet purchases with all logistics managed.

So if you can't wait for the next auction, or are looking for a specific artwork, then do get in touch. We would be delighted to help and set up a consultation. 

To speak with a member of the team, do get in touch here.

Art Commissions

Working with our network of artists, we help private and corporate clients commission a wide variety of artworks.

Whether you are looking to commission an Urban Art mural, a portrait, an outdoor sculpture or a even just a painting for a specific wall, we know an artist for every empty space.

To start the commission process, do get in touch here.

Gift Cards

With the freedom to choose their own artwork, The Auction Collective Gift Cards are the perfect gift for both seasoned art collectors and first time buyers.

Each Gift Card is bespoke and can be made to match any budget. Once gifted, they can be used to buy artwork in any of our auctions, as well as artworks sourced through our Art Advisory service. 

To make the process a relaxed and welcoming experience, the Gift Cards have no expiry date. This allows the recipient to take their time, speak with our specialists, and enjoy choosing their perfect artwork.

To learn more and purchase a Gift Card, please contact our team here. We would be delighted to help. 


Charity Auctioneering

Our network of professional auctioneers have raised over £100 million for good causes through over 1,000 international charity auctions.

If you are looking for a charity or freelance auctioneer, we are confident we can connect you to the best fundraiser for your occasion. 

To be connected to an auctioneer, please send details of your event here.