Paper | Scissors | Stone

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1. Demi Overton

Strand IV

Estimate: £80-120

Paper   |   Scissors   |   Stone - Lot 1, Demi Overton, Strand IV

Signed ‘DO’ (on the front); signed, titled and dated (on the reverse)
White thread sewn into paper
24 x 18 cm.
Created in 2017
This work is unique.

Strand IV is a threaded work on paper sculpture by the artist Demi Overton, a Fine Art graduate from Newcastle University. Overton creates sculptural works on paper which explore the act of drawing and mark-making in their most fundamental form. Through a labour-intensive and repetitive pinpricking action using a single needle, she pushes and tests the materiality and delicacy of the surface. This technique can be seen in Ledge II - one of three other works by the artist in the auction. 

​Overton's abstract works incorporate geometric shapes and imagery allowing the artist to play with the technique and emphasise the shadows and lines in a more visceral and intuitive way than her aerial landscape artworks, an example of which can be seen in Grand Canyon, USA

Paper   |   Scissors   |   Stone - Lot 1, Demi Overton, Strand IV

08 Nov Nov 08

Alon Zakaim Fine Art, 5-7 Dover St, W1S 4LD