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14. Sophie Derrick

Jewel Sapphire #9

Estimate: £4,800 - 7,500

The Auction Collective x DegreeArt - Lot 14, Sophie Derrick, Jewel Sapphire #9

Signed 'SD' (lower right)
Digital acrylic print, with acrylic paint on aluminium 
150 x 100 x 5 cm.
Created in 2019
This work is unique.

Jewel - Sapphire #9 contrasts a dark background with a vibrantly coloured subject, capturing a candid moment of vulnerability. 

Although first appearing as expressive abstract artworks, Sophie Derrick's pictures are meticulously planned.

First, the artist covers her face with gestural and energetic brushstrokes, layering the paint to form thick impasto peeks. She then photographs herself and prints this image onto a perspex sheet mounted on aluminium. For the final touches, she delicately paints on top of the photographed layers of paint and in doing so adds a texture and three-dimensionality that brings the photograph to life. 

This unique approach to portraiture combines painting and photography to create a skewed and manipulated genre that challenges the concepts of substance and self.

With a background in Fine Arts from Leeds University, Sophie Derrick routinely photographs the act of painting onto her own skin, which she then paints on top of the photograph to create a layering of medium and material. Through this process, the body becomes both object and subject and the notion of portraiture is questioned.

Sophie Derrick is also including Jewel Golden Topaz #3 in the auction.

The Auction Collective x DegreeArt - Lot 14, Sophie Derrick, Jewel Sapphire #9

08 Aug Aug 08

Bankside Hotel, 2 Blackfriars Rd, SE1 9JU