The Spring Auction 2019

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6. Mila Morton

Spring, Reeds on a Lake

Estimate: £3,800 - 6,000

The Spring Auction 2019 - Lot 6, Mila Morton, Spring, Reeds on a Lake

Japanese Ink on Xuan paper, mounted on silk 
84 x 167 cm.
Created in 2017

This work took three months to make and travelled a 12,000 mile round trip to Hong Kong to receive its expertly finished traditional silk mount - a finishing that only a very few skilled craftsman can do.

Whilst living in Hong Kong, Mila Morton was accepted into the Hong Kong based Group of Chinese Calligraphers: The Legacy of Ink. It was here that Mila first began working with a master of silk mounting, who she still works with today.

Her finished works are sent to Hong Kong to undergo a process that seals the paper sheets with silk. The method of this work is a closely guarded secret. 

Mila Morton grew up in Russia on the edge of the Eurasian steppe. The open sky and long flat horizon lines of the dessert played an important role in her artistic development. 

At art school in Moscow and living in Asia, Mila studied cave paintings, icons, the Russian realist painters and the Asian landscape tradition. She recognises their influence on her work: 

"My work is another manifestation of their truth: that representation is always multi-layered, incomplete but in its own way having meaning."

Mila is also including another work in the auction that can be found here

Mila Morton has an MA in Fine Art from the Faculty of Painting, Surikov Academic Institute of Art in Moscow. She is a member of the Hong Kong based Group of Chinese Calligraphers: The Legacy of Ink. She also has a degree from Mosfilm.

Since 2005, Mila has had two solo exhibitions and been involved in numbers group exhibitions in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Russia. This have included the LA Art Show (2019), All Too Human, Boston ( 2018), PAD, London (2018), and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2017). Mila is represented by the Michael Goedhuis Gallery. 

The Spring Auction 2019 - Lot 6, Mila Morton, Spring, Reeds on a Lake

23 Mar Mar 23

Menier Gallery, London SE1 1RU